Antar lightweight Rollator for travel AT51006

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Antar Alu-Rollator Walker Premium AT51006

This Rollator Antar AT51006 is foldable very small so it's one of the perfect solutions for transportation especially for travel. The handle height is adjustable for most users and the shopping bag, backrest belt, and walking stick holder are included. 

  • Very lightweight and stable made of Aluminium (7.2 kg) from Faba Care by Antar
  • Height is adjustable (79 - 92 cm) for most users
  • Small foldable for travel and transport with the size of 66 x 27 x 37 cm, an ideal solution for flight
  • Maximum user weight is 136 kg and the seat height is 53,5 cm
  • Detachable backrest belt, shopping bag, and walking stick holder are included


Product Specification

  • Rollator length                                  69.0 cm
  • Rollator width                                   67.0 cm
  • Rollator height                              79 - 92 cm
  • Width between handles                    46.5 cm
  • Seat height                                        53.5 cm
  • Seat depth                                         32.5 cm
  • Folded width                                      27.0 cm
  • Maximum weight for shopping bag     5.5 kg
  • Rollator weight                                    7.2 kg
  • Maximum user weight                        136 kg

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