Besco Medical Rollator CARBON, 4,7 kg

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Lightweight Rollator CARBON

A rollator must be safe and comfortable. This thousandfold proven walker not only conveys safety and comfort, but it also offers an elegance that is second to none. He is in a class of his own. By selecting the material used, this rollator offers a very significant additional advantage for persons restricted in their movement:

a minimum amount of force during use

The goal in the development of this product was therefore to achieve the lowest possible weight with maximum stability. Thus, the CARBON rollator weighs only 4.9 kg (without accessories in size S). This could only be realized by the use of carbon fiber composite material. Carbon is characterized by a very high strength and low weight. Developed in the aerospace industry, this material is also found today in racing, in bicycle frames and sports equipment. Now, this material has also found its way into quality rollators. Due to the very good experience that patients have with the Rollator Spring, we have just as comfortably equipped this new walker with a padded seat and the wide but removable back strap, which invites you to sit comfortably and relax. A large, easily detachable mesh pocket with zipper, reflectors and stable bottom, as well as a stick holder with upper and lower parts, complete the equipment. The space requirement of the CARBON in folded condition is very low so that it can be stowed almost everywhere, as in the trunk of a car. And not only in the car. The low weight also benefits you when traveling by bus, train, ship, and plane.

Discover your new mobility

The large 8 "and 9" wheels in an elegant look with puncture-free PU tires give you a pleasant driving and driving feeling and let you overcome curbs and other obstacles easily. Ergonomically shaped push handles, the large, smooth-running brake handles with brake cables installed in the frame convey safety. The rear and front reflectors provide additional road safety.

Technical specifications
Seat Width 45,4 cm
Seat height (S, M, L) 52 cm 60 cm 60 cm

Height with handles (S, M, L)

81–94cm 85–96cm 92–104cm
Number of adjustment options 5-steps
Width 60 cm
Length 70 cm
Weight (S, M, L) 4,7 kg 4,8 kg 4,9 kg
Max. load 150 kg
Max. loading of the mesh pocket 5,0 kg
Tires and wheels
Wheels in front 9,5″ (245 x 40 mm)
Wheels behind 8″ (200 x 40 mm)
Mesh pocket Backstrap
Cane holders Push handles height adjustable
Parking brake Instructions

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